YA Books By S.C. Alban

The Mythical Creatures Collection:

Struck By Love (available for agent review)- Contemporary Fantasy

Megan Cooper is ready to graduate high school early and leave her small town and emotionally distant father, but when she accidentally hits Cupid with her car, she is obliged to strap on a bow and quiver of arrows to become his assistant.

The problem is, not only is she unable to shoot a straight arrow, but she doesn’t believe in love. Not the familial kind, and certainly not the romantic kind. How could she? Since her mother’s death, her father’s been stuck in a fog of grief that has left little time for Megan. The closest she’s gotten to romance is sharing workspace in home economics with a hunk who’s an air-headed flake, not to mention highly irritating. And now, instead of girding up her cynicism and moving forward, she’s second-in-command to an annoying little man with wings. How can anything good possibly come of it?

Finding Luck (in development)

Pixie Perfect (in development)

Dragon Me Down (in development)


Other YA Titles

The Mirror Walker (current WIP)- Magical Realism

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