Books for Young Adults

The Mythical Creatures Collection:

Struck By Love (available for agent review)- 68K Contemporary Fantasy

My So-Called Life meets Off the Page.

The only thing Megan Cooper wants is to graduate high school early and leave her small town, and emotionally distant father, behind. But when she accidentally hits Cupid with her car, she is obliged to strap on a bow and quiver of arrows to become his assistant.

The problem is, not only is she unable to shoot a straight arrow, but she doesn’t believe in love. Not the familial kind, and certainly not the romantic kind. How could she? Since her mother’s death, her father’s been stuck in a fog of grief that’s left little time for Megan. The closest she’s gotten to romance is sharing workspace in home economics with a hunk who’s an air-headed flake, not to mention highly irritating. And now, instead of girding up her cynicism and moving forward, she’s second-in-command to an annoying little man with wings.

Now, as she races to meet Cupid’s deadline, she must face old wounds, find forgiveness & track down the perfect match for the one boy she can’t stand.

Finding Luck (in development)

Pixie Perfect (in development)

Dragon Me Down (in development)


Other YA Titles

The Mirror Walker (available for agent review)- 65K Magical Realism

Coraline meets Layrinth.

A year after her father’s suicide, seventeen-year old Elisobel Hernandez is struggling to cope with the immense loss. With her father’s passing, she finds herself the target of sexual desire of a family friend. Despite her attempts to keep her distance, she finds herself trapped in a situation she cannot control and has no idea how to stop it. Unable to admit to anyone what is happening to her, Elisobel finds herself falling into states of hallucination. With the pressure of keeping together what is left of her broken family, she hides her secret.

When her hallucinations become real, Elisobel learns she posseses a magical quality that allows her travel to different realms of existence. With the help of Modran, a resident of the fantasical world of Evermore, Elisobel travels through the mirror to escape her real life demons and become the hero she was meant to be.

Now, the ultimate decision remains; return to her world or stay in Evermore.



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